Planemo’s studio lies at the core of all of the post-production facilities. Located under the same roof as Wolf Kino, it is a well-defined working environment created with attention to detail and technical excellence. Its smart design enables post-production works for cinema, TV, web, and exhibition- all in the same suite. Thanks to the cinema screen (3.10 m x 1.60 m) integrated directly in the room, immediate changes in a project can be validated on a big screen in a real time, allowing high efficiency and convenience of work, both for a colorist and a client.

Besides the possibility of direct check-ups in the post-production studio, cinema-related projects can be also viewed in the neighbouring screen rooms of Wolf Kino, where Planemo clients have unlimited access to. Located only a few meters away from the studio, Wolf’s screens (4.41 m x 2.37 m) are perfect for test screenings and group viewings, accommodating up to 50 viewers per room.